Top Reasons Why SSDs fail

Top Reasons Why SSDs fail Data Recovery Ireland

Here are some of the the top reasons for SSD (S-ATA, PCIe NVMe and m-SATA) failure which we’ve come across in the Drive Rescue lab last year:

  1. File Translation Layer corruption
  2. Bad Blocks
  3. Gate-oxide Failure
  4. Failure of solder-joints on printed circuit board
  5. Exhausted NAND
  6. Failure of Power Management IC
  7. Read Disturb Failures
  8. DRAM-chip Failure
  9. Wear-out of System Area containing firmware
  10. Complete NAND Chip Failure

The above list covers failure modes across all brands and interface types of solid state disk including Samsung, Micron, SK Hynix, WD, Toshiba, HP, Kingston and Apple models. You can find out more our SSD data recovery service here