Drive Rescue (Dublin, Ireland) offer a competitively priced data recovery service with excellent success rates. We use data recovery equipment as recommended by the disk manufacturers themselves. Our technicians use the best and safest methodologies to maximise the probability of a successful recovery for you. The price of your data recovery case will depend on factors such as:

Type of Storage Device (Mechanical, Flash or Solid State Disk)

Volume Type (Standalone or RAID) – Standard NTFS, HFS+ or APFS will be less expensive to recover from than volumes using pooled storage such as SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID) or RAID 5.

Encryption (Proprietary encryption as used by Symantec Endpoint, McAfee, Sophos (SafeGuard or Sophos Central) or Checkpoint Endpoint can add to the complexity of a disk recovery)

Failure Type (physical, logical or firmware) – Physically failed disks will need to be recovered in our class-100 clean-room. However, disks without physical damage often don’t require a clean-room meaning your recovery cost will be lower.

Storage Capacity – Higher storage capacity disks or devices typically involve more labour hours and incur higher parts costs.

Age of Device – Devices manufactured pre-2005 or devices manufactured in the last 12 months can incur higher charges.

Data loss can be a stressful event for anyone. We endeavour to make our pricing as fair and transparent as possible. Please contact us for more details.

Contact us on: 01 485 3555 for more information.

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