Giving Back @ Drive Rescue

Giving Back @ Drive Rescue Data Recovery Ireland

Homelessness in Ireland is a problem which has been in the media spotlight recently. But homelessness has always been a problem. We realise that the causes are deep-rooted and multi-faceted but some help is better than no help.

The charity we decided to donate to this year was the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin 7. It serves breakfast to around 250 people each day and dinner to around 450 and 520 people. The operating costs of the centre are around €2.3 million but the State only provides €450,000. The rest comes from fundraising. It was enlightening to see the quality service offered by the centre and to sit down with Brother Kevin (head of the centre) to discuss the homelessness problem. His centre does an admiral job in providing food, warmth, showers, clothing, companionship and heathcare to those less fortunate. So it was a real honour for Drive Rescue to be able to make a contribution to this very worthwhile cause.

The Drive Rescue team would like to wish everyone an enjoyable Christmas and a happy 2015.