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September 2018
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Data Recovery from Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon SSD (SanDisk)

A customer recently delivered a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 to us for data recovery. When the system would start, the error message “a disk read error occurred” would appear on the screen. The POST process will halt at this point. We opened up the system and found a proprietary SSD made by SanDisk (SD5SG2-256G) using a […]

The Perils of Problem Fixation: what End-Users and Sys Admins can learn from Aviation Accidents

On the 29th of December 1972 Eastern Airlines flight 401 takes off from a bitterly cold New York en route to Miami. 163 passengers are on board, most of them hoping to celebrate the New Year in the sun. Approaching Miami the pilot presses the button to activate the landing gear. Normally, a green light […]

How to Recover Deleted Emails from a Gmail Account (GSuite Edition)

Drive Rescue normally performs data recovery from physical storage devices such as hard disks, SSDs, USB, memory cards, servers and NAS devices. But last week, a customer from an island off the west coast of Ireland called us desperately wanting to know how to recover deleted emails from their Gmail (for business /GSuite account). Thankfully, […]

How to Test a Hard Disk

Accurate hard disk monitoring and diagnostic tools are an essential part of every IT admins toolbox. So, we’ve put together a short list of hard disk monitoring and testing tools along with some best practice tips on their operation. Hard Disk Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools 2018  For Windows: Hard Disk Sentinel – nice simple monitoring tool which indicates disk […]

Phantom Backups and Data Mirages

  We helped a customer last week who believed that his data was being safely backed up to his Apple iCloud drive when in fact his Mac was performing a phantom backup. Let me explain. Our customer discovered that the 2.5” hard disk (HGST Z5K-500) inside his MacBook Pro had failed. Believing that iCloud had […]

Drive Rescue at Embedded World 2018, Nuremburg, Germany.

Last week Drive Rescue was in Nuremburg, Germany for Embedded World 2018. The Embedded World exhibition and conference covers a lot of areas including IoT, defence, aviation, automotive and industrial electronics. It is also one of the largest gatherings of global hard disk manufacturers in Europe, where they display their wares and discuss their future […]

Data Recovery from Transcend StoreJet external hard disk and the tale of the man on the train.

While better known for their flash memory devices, the Taiwanese company storage company Transcend also makes a limited range of 2.5” external hard disks. Typically, they use Samsung Momentus disks – in 500GB (ST500LM012) or 1TB (ST1000LM024) sizes. As mechanical hard disks go, these are fairly robust models. Their head disk assembly is tried-and-tested and […]

Data recovery from WD MyCloud NAS

  Western Digital MyCloud NAS devices are popular in Ireland for their ease of setup, user-friendly OS. And unlike most NAS ranges from other manufacturers, the disks come pre-installed. This is probably not surprising given that WD (unlike Synology, Buffalo, Netgear et al.) manufacture hard disks. The entry-level models in the WD MyCloud NAS range […]

USB memory stick is not recognised by Windows?

Here is a simple way to recover your data. 1) Connect your damaged USB memory stick to your Windows computer. 2) Navigate to the Device Manager. Click on the “plus” sign beside “Disk Drives”. 3) Then right click on your damaged disk and click on “properties”. 4) Navigate to the “drivers” tab and click “disable”. […]

Data recovery of from Synology NAS (DS216)

NAS devices have never been so popular. They consume less power than a PC or server, they support RAID and their compactness means they can be stored in even the most space deprived homes or offices. While first generation NAS devices were basically conjoined hard disks with a built-in networking component, modern NAS devices are […]