Based in Trinity St, Dublin 2, Ireland, Drive Rescue Advanced Data Recovery offers you a fast, cost-effective data recovery service.

We have  a class-100 clean room, recovery equipment recommended by the drive manufacturers themselves and  a proven track record of advanced data recovery. We work with most major brands of drive including Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitisu and Toshiba.

Whether you are an individual or  an I.T. support technician working for a local computer store or multinational organisation, we can help you.

Or, if you need data recovery from your Synology, QNAP or WD MyCloud NAS drive in Ireland, why not visit our NAS data recovery site. 

Speak to a technician directly on:  01 485 3555

Visit our main page webpage at : http://www.datarecoverydublin.ie/

“Let Us Recover Data – other Data Recovery Companies deemed Unrecoverable”