Supporting our Frontline Heroes…

Supporting our Frontline Heroes... Data Recovery Ireland

This is Mo. He drives a bus between Dublin and Drogheda. During this pandemic, when most people were inside the comfort of their own homes Mo has been driving the deserted highways and byways of our country.

Last week, his Western Digital MyBook hard disk failed. He badly needed photos of his daughter retrieved. We recovered them free of charge because frontline workers like Mo are braving their lives everyday for us.

To all our frontline workers during these unprecedented times, Drive Rescue salutes you. Thank you.

What to do when your SanDisk SD card will not wipe or format…

What to do when your SanDisk SD card will not wipe or format... Data Recovery Ireland

A customer recently contacted us saying they did not need data recovery from their 64GB SanDisk SD card but they in fact needed to wipe it. They had already transferred their photos and videos to the computer and verified that the transfer had been successful. With the shops being shut, they wanted to re-use this 64GB card but formatting or wiping it was proving nigh impossible. They tried using “diskutil” on their MacBook but to no avail. They even tried “diskpart” on their Windows laptop but that too proved unsuccessful. Thankfully there is a nice tool from the SD Card Association which solves this seemingly intractable and common problem. This tool formats SD cards with ease and removes the need to perform command line gymnastics using Diskutil or Diskpart.

Dell laptop keeps on asking for BitLocker key even when Bitlocker was not enabled?

BitLocker is a common full-disk encryption application used on Windows 10 laptops. We recently had a client where, on their Dell laptop running Windows 10 Pro, a BitLocker dialogue box appeared out of the blue requesting a “recovery key”. Without it, it was looking like they would not be able to access their desktop or their files. The box entitled “BitLocker Recovery” requested that the user “enter the recovery key for this drive”. (This is normally a 48-digit key which decrypts the Volume Master Key which is needed for the decryption process to run) You may also see a request to “enter the PIN to unlock this drive. This was a complete surprise to our client. They had never enabled BitLocker on the system. In fact, just to be sure, they double-checked their Windows online account. There was no evidence of BitLocker ever having been enabled.

Fortunately, this was no big deal. It’s just a little quirk on Dell laptops where the system gives the illusion of being encrypted with BitLocker when it’s actually not. Here are the steps to fix it.

  1. Acces your Dell’s BIOS. You can normally access this by pressing on F2, just after your press the power-on button.
  2. Look for the section called “SecureBoot”
  3. Now navigate down to a section called “Expert Key Management”
  4. Select “Restore Settings” followed by “Factory Settings”.
  5. Click “ok” and exit the BIOS.

When you restart the computer, the BitLocker recovery box should have gone away.  

Drive Rescue are based in Dublin, Ireland and offers a full data recovery service for BitLockered drives removed from Dell, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu and Acer laptops even if physically damaged. We also offer a data recovery service Microsoft Surface SSDs which are BitLocker protected. Phone Us on 1890 571 571