Data retrieval from Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop showing “Inaccessible Boot Device” error message

We recently had a customer who, when attempting to boot their Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop running Windows 10 laptop, got the “Inaccessible Boot Device” error message.

We removed the MZ-HPV2560 SSD from the laptop’s motherboard. The connection interface of the hard disk was proprietary. Using a specialised Lenovo Carbon X1 PCIe to S-ATA adaptor, we connected the SSD to one of our data recovery systems. However, the Windows volume on the disk still did not mount.    

The MZ-HPV2560 SSD is really a Lenovo rebadged version of the SM951. The disk uses a native Samsung SSD S4LN058A01 controller and uses 16nm MLC NAND. Surprisingly, this solid state disk does not use NVMe.

After some disk diagnostics, we discovered that some microcode modules used in the controller were corrupt. We put the disk into technological mode and using highly-specialised SSD data recovery equipment repaired the corrupted modules.

The client needed several hundred .ODT (OpenOffice Writer) and .ODS (OpenOffice Calc) files recovered as part of a research project. These were all put on a USB stick and reunited with their over-joyed creator.    

If you need to recover data from a Lenovo laptop or a Samsung SM951 SSD disk, we can help you. Drive Rescue have been recovering data in in Dublin Ireland since 2007. Our clients are based throughout Ireland including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Ennis, Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford, Wexford and Dundalk