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October 2017
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Everyday objects that kill hard drives

Ask anybody who works in an A&E department where the most accidents occur and they will invariably tell you that most happen in the home. Well, the same applies to hard drive-related accidents. Many users might assume that it takes fire, floods (and brimstone…) to destroy hard drives, but mundane objects found in the home […]

Drive Rescue donation to Capuchin Day Centre, Dublin.

In the hullabaloo of daily life, it can be easy to forget those less well off than ourselves. This year Drive Rescue made a donation to the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin 7. Its founder, Brother Kevin Crowely runs an extremely lean and efficient operation, providing breakfast, food parcels, showers, clothes and medical services to […]

A case of missing tombstones – data recovery from a Seagate Backup Plus Drive

In the world of data recovery, you come across many interesting cases. One such case was last week when a professional genealogist visited us with a failed external Seagate Backup Plus drive. Her job involves researching family lineage and history as far back as possible. It’s a laborious and time consuming occupation. Interviews have to […]

Advanced data recovery of inaccessible or corrupt Outlook .PST and .OLM files

    Outlook is a popular email application for Windows and Apple platforms. For most users, it is more than just an email client as it performs as a calendar, contact manager and task organiser. It uses a message store file called .PST (personal store folder) as it’s native file format. We have been helping […]

Data recovery from 128gb Lite-On IT mSata SSD from Dell Laptop

Drive Rescue is peforming data recovery from an increasingly large number of SSD drives. One driver for the popularity of SSD drives is the reducing cost of NAND memory. Another being the proliferation of light mobile devices – users now have an expectation that endpoint computing devices should be light and small. The success of […]

Repair of burnt smooth motor-controller chip on Western Digital drive

Problem We were recently sent a 1TB Western Digital (S-ATA) drive from Waterford. The user could no longer access their data and when they connected the drive to their Apple Mac they got a faint smell of burning. Diagnosis The user’s findings were correct. A burning smell could be detected withing 30 seconds of power-up. […]

Recovery of Solidworks files from Dell RAID 5 Server

  We recently helped a Dublin engineering company recover data from their Dell PowerEdge T310 RAID 5 server. Last week they reported to their IT support admin that their server would no longer boot-up. He performed diagnostics on the drive and discovered that one of the disks (a 1TB Seagate Barracuda) had failed. Thinking it […]

Data recovery from Dell PowerEdge R805 rack server with integrated RAID controller

  It was the afternoon before a major match when a well known Dublin stadium discovered that their Dell PowerEdge R805 server running Windows Server 2003 was no longer booting. Upon boot-up they were greeted with a “disk error occurred” error message. They tried to perform a RAID rebuild but the rebuild process would not […]

Data recovery from LaCie Big Disk 1TB RAID 0

We recently helped a management consultant from Co. Cork recover data from his failed Lacie Big Disk configured in RAID 0. He bought the drive 4 years ago for personal and business use, and it worked great for him. However, last week when he went to turn it on, it was not recognised by his […]

Giving Back @ Drive Rescue

Homelessness in Ireland is a problem which has been in the media spotlight recently. But homelessness has always been a problem. We realise that the causes are deep-rooted and multi-faceted but some help is better than no help. The charity we decided to donate to this year was the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin 7. […]